Dell Smart-UPS Line Interactive

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Clean, reliable and efficient

Ensure dependable, efficient IT performance with uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) from Dell. You can address a wide range of power needs — from providing essential protection for servers, storage and networks to meeting the most demanding power requirements — with Dell line-interactive UPS models, which incorporate APC™ designs by Schneider Electric™

Dell Smart-UPS Line Interactive

Deliver reliable, network-grade power to your servers, storage and network devices. Rack-mount and tower models offer high efficiency at low, medium and high loads.

Key features:

  • High-efficiency mode: Helps to lower utility and cooling costs
  • Emergency power off (EPO): Performs remote UPS shut down during an emergency. (1500VA model option)
  • LCD: Displays detailed and accurate information in real time
  • Network-grade power: Ensures stable power conditions by filtering noise, regulating voltage automatically and incorporating surge protection
  • Communication ports: Includes serial and USB ports, and a SmartSlot for network cards
  • Enhanced battery management: Helps extend battery life with temperature-compensated algorithms

Product features

LCD: Accurately provides real-time status updates with your choice of basic or advanced menus
Power status:

  • Operating mode and efficiency
  • Load VA/Watts/Amps
  • Input/output voltage and frequency
  • Battery capacity and runtime

Control: UPS and outlet group settings

  • Language
  • Power and quality settings
  • Alarm settings

Test & diagnostics: Initiate battery and runtime tests
Logs: Explanation of last 10 transfers and faults
About menu:

  • UPS and replacement battery part numbers
  • Serial numbers