Dell Netshelter SX Racks

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Scalable and easy to use

Provide a solid framework for your IT infrastructure with Dell Netshelter SX rack enclosures featuring the next-generation designs of APC™ by Schneider Electric™.

Available in 42U and 24U sizes, Dell Netshelter SX racks are optimized for cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring and offer exceptional usability with integrated features:

 Toolless cable-access roof: Includes eight large cable-entry slots and integrates with overhead cable trough and partition system 
 Secure side panels: Lockable half-height panels provide security and safe, easy handling 
 Easy-to-adjust mounting rails: Built with a simple turn-bolt design, automatic rail alignment and adjustability in 1/4-inch increments
 Convenient rear cable channels: Supports toolless mounting for power distribution units (PDU) and toolless vertical mounting for cable organizers

Grow with our portfolio

Whether you’re supporting a single server or an entire data center, Dell has you covered with our new Data Center Infrastructure (DCI) portfolio. The DCI lineup offers multiple support options* and offers a range of products that complement our rack enclosures, including PDU, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), keyboard, video, mouse (KVM), and keyboard, monitor, mouse (KMM) products