FX Modular Architecture Components

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Scale incrementally with powerful blocks of computing resources

The FX compute sleds, powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, deliver an exceptional amount of computing power in compact, scalable packages. They include:

  • FC830: 4S 1U server sled for mission-critical applications at midsize and enterprise data centers
  • FC640: 2S 1U server sled for dense XaaS in midsize and enterprise environments

Boost performance with highly flexible, scale-out storage blocks

Rapidly scale dense direct attached storage (DAS) in your FX infrastructures with the 1U FD332 storage module. Create a storage environment that supports balanced data growth on an as-needed basis. Tailor your storage needs to the workloads you are running and avoid overprovisioning. Because it supports SAS and SATA HDD/SSDs you can readily adapt to the performance needs of your applications. When appropriate, you can create software defined storage environments with a combination of hard drives and solid state drives

Sustain your business and grow with intelligent automation

Make IT operations more efficient, your FX infrastructure more productive and reliable with Dell EMC’s system management. Take advantage of OpenManage systems management portfolio, used across other PowerEdge servers, with the FX2, or leverage the embedded chassis management.

  • Perform automated deployments, updates and configurations with agent-free iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller.
  • Simplify with the new OpenManage Enterprise console, with custom reports and automatic discovery.
  • Enable easy collective or individual server management with the embedded Chassis Management Controller (CMC)