VxFlex Ready Nodes

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Built for modern storage demands

Dell EMC VxFlex Ready Nodes bring together Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with Dell EMC VxFlex OS software in scalable, reliable and easy-to-deploy building blocks for hyper-converged or server SAN architecture, heterogeneous virtualized environments, and high performance databases. VxFlex Ready Nodes provides flexibility in deployment options, quick and easy deployments, enterprise-grade resilience, and massive scalability

Use Cases for VxFlex Ready Nodes

High Performance Databases

For high performance databases, the ability to satisfy various sets of business requirements and service level agreements on the same infrastructure without impacting any other workloads is key to a successful deployment. VxFlex Ready Nodes offer a way to consolidate and optimize traditional applications and database infrastructures, handling the independent needs of each application

Multi-Hypervisor and Bare Metal Environments

SAN-driven storage comes with numerous limitations in a virtual environment. VxFlex Ready Nodes optimize traditional virtualized infrastructures by providing highly scalable server-based storage for heterogeneous platforms, including support for multiple hypervisors, operating systems, and bare metal configurations

Server SAN / 2-Layer Architecture

Redesign your storage environment using a traditional two-layer model to resemble a traditional SAN architecture. A two-layer model provides efficient parallelism and no single points of failure. Additionally, storage and compute nodes remain separate operationally, giving teams the flexibility to manage each infrastructure independently